2023 Alberta Civil Procedure Handbook
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The Handbook is revised and edited by the Honourable Jean E. Côté, the Honourable F.F. Slatter and Vivian Stevenson.
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About the Authors
Editor’s Note
TOC – Volume 1 (contains Parts 1-11)
TOC – Volume 2 (contains Parts 12-61.1)
TOC – Volume 3

Internet access includes current fillable forms in MS Word for:

The fillable forms list remains the same except on the Surrogate Court Forms (Contentious Matters only)

These Rules are current to and including: Alta. Reg. 36/15, 44/15, 71/15, 76/15, 85/16, 36/20, 37/20; 194/20; 23/21; 27/21; 243/21; 72/22; 136/22


**Note: The handbook is updated each fall and automatically shipped and invoiced to those who have purchased the prior year's edition unless we are notified otherwise. **

alberta civil procedure handbook
Volume 1 : Annotated Alberta Rules of Court
  • The RULES with a host of cross references to other books and articles such as the Civil Procedure Digest, which not only covers all the older case law, but also cases from other provinces, the Privy Council and England and including the 5 volume CIVIL PROCEDURE ENCYCLOPEDIA. Behind the scenes, lists of ALBERTA DECISIONS are maintained, to ensure that none about procedure have been overlooked.
  • A clear, concise explanation of the new Rules with how and when they should be used.
  • Lists of Related Provisions and Defined Terms under each Rule.
  • Checklists for motions, affidavits and factums.
  • Contains decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada, the Courts of Appeal of Alberta and the Northwest Territories and the Court of Queen's Bench.
  • Citation of over 11,078 cases with 424 new cases this edition including flags on dubious decisions.
alberta civil procedure handbook
Volume 2
  • Rules for Parts 12 to 61.1
  • Rules of Court Schedules
    • Schedule A - Forms
    • Schedule B - Court Fees
    • Schedule C - Tariff of Recoverable Fees
  • Court of Appeal
    • Court of Appeal Rules
    • Practice Directions
    • Schedule of Criminal Appeal Forms
    • Notices to Profession
    • News & Announcements
alberta civil procedure handbook
Volume 3
  • Queen's Bench
    • Practice Notes and Notices to Profession and Public for: Civil, Family, Commercial, Criminal and General
    • News & Announcements
    • Court of Queen’s Bench (Surrogate Matters) Consolidated up to 37/2020
      • Surrogate Rules and Forms
      • Rules and Forms
      • User Notes
      • Notices to Profession
      • News & Announcements
  • Provincial Court
    • Regulations
    • Practice Nots and Directives
  • Statutes
    • Civil Enforcement Act and Regulation
    • Judgment Interest Act and Regulation
    • Jury Act and Regulation
    • Languages Act and Regulation
    • Protection Against Family Violence Act and Regulation
    • Residential Tenancies Act and Regulation
  • Concordance
  • Table of Concordance - Old Rules to New Rules
  • Table of Concordance - New Rules to Old Rules
  • Table of Cases

The advanced features of the Alberta Civil Procedure Handbook and with its internet access allow the user to work in or out of the office.


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